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Build a real plan to reach the financial goals that matter to you

It's one thing to know where you want to be, it's more challenging identifying how you will get there. By mapping out a clear route, you can be confident you will arrive at your desired destination — even if you encounter unexpected road blocks and detours.

The 10 step financial road map to get you there.
(wherever 'there' may be)

Explore the 10 step financial plan below and pick your starting point.


1. Smart Savings- Your future in your hands

Accumulating savings is a great first step to taking charge of your cash. Treat your savings account like a best friend. During the good times, you’ll want to treat them well because when more challenging times arrive you’ll rely on them to carry you through.

Not only will your savings help if you fall on leaner times, a healthy savings account means having many options for the future. Whether you would like a new car, an overseas trip or a deposit for a new home, those big ticket purchases can be well within your reach with a little forethought and planning. With strategic advice from the seasoned financial professionals at Comprehensive Financial Solutions and a dash of fiscal discipline, an intelligent savings plan will perfectly prepare you for your financial journey.

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2. Wealth Creation- Your financial destination?

You’re savings are coming along nicely. Like never before, you feel in control of your finances. And knowing you are making progress is an amazing feeling. Now it’s time to dream up your big life goals and learn the financial steps you must tackle in order to achieve them.

At this point having professionals you can depend on to help you make the right money choices is essential. From the outset, we can help you define and prioritise your financial goals and create a detailed road map to help you achieve them. It is our goal to have you saving smartly, investing wisely and, above all, ensure you stay on track with your life goals.

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3. Mortgage Help- Setting up house

You’ve got your big goal in place. Daily, you are working towards it. You’ve got the backing of a professional team of financial planners. Things are going according to plan.

Now it’s time to bite the bullet and buy a home (or a second or third home). Working with your experienced financial planner and accredited mortgage consultant, a personally tailored and tax effective solution is created and you’re ready to make serious progress.

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4. Debt Consolidation - Regain control

You may have started out with a plan and the best of intentions but somewhere you ventured off track. Your attention now turns to your mounting debt. Whether it’s excessive mortgage, loans or credit card repayments, the effect of too much debt and a badly constructed debt plan can be disastrous.

You engage Comprehensive Financial Solutions and with your financial planner, you nut out a mortgage and debt consolidation solution that meets your needs. Now you have a tailored and tax effective plan of attack just for you. Stress and anxiety are gone. You’re again ready to make some serious financial progress.

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5. Insurance Matters - Getting protected

You’ve got your plans in place, debt under control and savings in your account. You may never have thought you’d be in such a great financial position. But here you are. We never said the road to financial freedom was without speed bumps. You just never know what life is going to throw at you.

While no one likes to dwell on the negative, looking after your loved ones and protecting your income in the event of adversity are really now a top priority. Insurance is vital for protecting your valuable possessions that you have worked so hard to establish. Whatever needs protecting in life, let Comprehensive Financial Solutions recommend a solution tailored to you from our wide range of insurers in our network.

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6. Superannuation - Future savings

Things are looking rosy. You’ve been working with your planner for a while now and you wouldn’t have it any other way. You see your financial future and it looks pretty darn good. But now, another piece of the puzzle needs resolving.

Most of us pay super but you’re not sure if your super is set up to provide the best financial outcome for you. Time, discipline, knowledge and strategic planning all come into play when choosing the right fund or investment option. To create and protect your wealth you work with your Comprehensive Financial Solutions financial planner to nut out a customised plan to meet your superannuation needs. Nice.

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7. Saving for Education- A brainy move

Congratulations, you’ve grown a lovely big family and the kids are growing so fast. Is it time to start saving up for your child’s education? It’s never too early to put the plan in place and you can be assured, your child will thank you when they discover you can afford their dream education.

Ordinarily, picking the right savings plan would be daunting but with your financial planner by your side, the process is child’s play. You now know exactly what strategy to follow to secure your kid’s future. Smart move.

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8. Family Super Linking - Keep it in the family

Speaking of family, you’ll want to keep them on track by taking advantage of the specialised expertise of your Comprehensive Financial Solutions financial planner.

Time, discipline, knowledge and strategic planning all come into play when creating optimum family wealth and financial freedom. And your planner is adept at building a customised plan to meet your family's needs. Your planner tells you that some super fund products allow you to link your family accounts to effectively minimise fees. Your bigger picture is falling into place. And it all makes sense.

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9. Building for Retirement - Map it out

It may be close, it may be far off, but you know that retirement planning is about getting the right advice at the right time, no matter what life stage you are at. After all it’s your future and ensuring you maximise your retirement income will make a huge difference to your retirement lifestyle.

You get to work with your Financial Planner and develop a detailed retirement plan that helps you get your assets and savings on track. Working with your planner you explore your possibilities, avoid costly mistakes and gather all the information you need to make the right decisions in preparation for retirement. Phew, glad that’s sorted.

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10. Estate Planning - For worse case scenarios

You’ve been working hard. You’ve got your plans, you know where to focus and when. And in the event you slip up, your planner is there to help get you back on track. Estate planning is all about getting the right assets into the right hands at the right time.

But you have one more lingering question: Are your assets sufficiently protected and managed in the event of your death? Your financial planner is able to point you in the right direction to get the right advice and consider strategic options that will make the difference between a well-protected inheritance and a prolonged family feud. Now, with a well-planned strategy in place to handle life’s unexpected circumstances you and your loved ones have brilliant peace of mind.

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When it comes to money, one size does not fit all

Everyone has different needs. Whether you are just starting out, building your wealth or planning for a retirement, a personally tailored financial road map will arm you with all the knowledge, clear direction and confidence you need to successfully reach your goal.

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